Case study – Greenway Furniture

Branding an online furniture retailer

Here at Prontaprint Camberley we relish branding and re-branding projects and so were delighted to be approached by online furniture retailer Greenway Furniture to create both online and printed collateral for their growing business.

First and foremost, Greenway Furniture needed their brand to be developed from scratch. Their requirements included a logo and an associated colour scheme which would provide a consistent visual theme throughout their website. These elements would also extend on to print materials, as and when required.

The brief for the logo development was to create something that would instantly convey a contemporary and professional impression, which is vital for Greenway Furniture within the competitive world of ecommerce. A series of rough visual concepts were developed and the client chose their preference, which was then further evolved into the Greenway Furniture logo that you see in use today.

“The logo development was a particular highlight for us” comments Greenway Furniture’s marketing director, Tom Merryfield. “From the onset we didn’t want something that was over-elaborate. In fact, quite the opposite – something simple yet contemporary was required. Finally, much of our furniture is very environmentally friendly, either having been made from reclaimed wood or sustainable sources, and so the logo needed to convey contemporary and ‘green’ all in one. Prontaprint Camberley delivered superbly well on this challenging brief.”

Development of the website’s banners and other content images was also a key part of the project and a great deal of thought was applied to how aspects such as colour schemes would coordinate within the website. A key early decision was to utilise a light grey throughout much of the site, thus avoiding any visual distraction from the main focal points (i.e. the furniture).

As would be expected for an online retail client, much of the branding process was conducted with digital at the forefront of our minds, but physical materials also played their part, with items such as business cards designed and printed. Every detail was carefully considered – for example, a particular matt laminate was chosen for the cards, to ensure it gave the best possible first impression when members of the Greenway Furniture team were introducing themselves to new clients and suppliers. 

Greenway Furniture were delighted with the effectiveness of everything that was developed and this is evident in the continual growth of the company. Tom Merryfield concludes: “Choosing the right partner for developing our visual identity was vital to the success of our business. Quality is the hallmark of every piece of furniture we sell, and this theme of quality needed to be present from customers’ very first engagement with our website. Prontaprint Camberley did a superb job and we’re absolutely delighted with the end results”.

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